I love learning – and sharing my insights with others.


Delving into a world of new topics and bodies of knowledge is always exciting. I take comprehensive amounts of raw data from multiple sources, put on my analytical hat, and make sense of it all. I make sure to cover as many perspectives as possible.
Once I have a clear picture, I create coherent, insightful and actionable reports. 


Learning directly from the customers and exploring their unique viewpoints - this is where my passion lies.
Longitudinal projects are a special treat for me because then I can truly connect with the participants and understand their experiences. While I lean towards qualitative approaches, I do not shy away from stats and figures. 


I can take lead or consult at any stage of the research process:
Planning (refining research questions, choosing appropriate methodology)
Designing instruments (surveys, qualitative open-ended tasks)
Refining existing instruments
Recruiting participants
Conducting research
Analyzing data (themes, patterns, trends)
Reporting insights 


In my view, communication is at the core of any relationship.


Communicating clearly to people with different levels of expertise is always front of mind.

Thanks to my pedagogical background, I can easily adopt different perspectives and confidently choose the optimal depth of content. My goal is to make sure I present it in a logical manner that benefits the intended audience. 


When reporting research insights, I aim to capture the participants’ voices and bring them to life through engaging storytelling. I also link “hard” data to support findings and choose appropriate visuals to strengthen the key messages.

I find developing communication and educational materials particularly enjoyable. It allows me to put my teaching skills into action and find the best way to convey new knowledge to the audience.


Language is the underlying element in everything I do.


As an applied linguist, I am keenly aware of the effects that the choice of words and structures can have. One piece of information can be expressed in multiple ways, each of them leading to a different reaction.

In research studies, phrasing the questions in the right way makes all the difference. In marketing, language can make or break the copy.


In the research design stage, I mindfully phrase every item and task to ensure the elicited insights match the research goals. In the analysis stage, I can apply discourse analysis to explore another layer of participants’ responses.

Reviewing, editing and rewriting invite language playfulness and creativity to take center stage. I am happy to provide detailed feedback and guidance on improving written materials and adapting them to different audiences. 

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