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I’m Irena, a researcher and communication consultant, currently based in the Netherlands.

Coming from a background in Applied Linguistics and Computer Science (double MA), I spent 12 years as a language educator and a researcher of learner experiences. 

In 2018 I realized it was time for new challenges, so I turned to market-oriented research and started Datanaut. I firmly believe in a tailor-made approach to every project I take on, and I love the challenge of asking the right questions, finding the right methodological fit, and providing purposeful actionable insights. In my work, I consciously keep in mind the big picture, while zooming in on the moment-to-moment details. 

My driving force is growth mindset. Coming from a place of curiosity, exploring multiple perspectives and reshaping my understanding of the world (and any topic at hand) are the underlying values of my approach to work and life. 


What exactly do I do?


Market mapping and landscaping
Customer research
Competitor analysis
Marketing research
Data collection & management
Data analysis & reporting


Content creation and curation
Presentation design
Developing communication materials
Developing educational materials


Discourse analysis
Adapting content to various audiences
Reviewing, editing, and rewriting 

How can I help you?

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